Chloe and BooBoo

This brother and sister, about 1 year old, were rescued from a miserable and dangerous life foraging for food at the Walmart, where they and their mother and four siblings had been dumped while they were still kittens. Their mother is a tame cat, and she and the other siblings have all been successfully adopted. They are very gentle, but are also somewhat wary given their Walmart experience.

Chloe is a small, female shorthair, predominantly white with black spots. Her coat is very soft, and she loves to be stroked. Chloe likes to get up high where she feels secure in order for her to trust you to pet her. She is very pretty, but somewhat shy, and is still adapting to being a house cat and recovering from the trauma of the Walmart. She gets along well with cats, especially with her brother BooBoo, but has been bullied by some of the other cats, as she is not dominant. Chloe loves to play and is very curious about everything and has to check everything out. She likes to sleep in her own bed. She likes to be stroked when she is up high in the cat window seat, where she feels secure.

BooBoo is not shy, but is wary. He is a small but very handsome fancy gray tabby stripe with white chest, stomach, and paws. BooBoo likes to have things happen on his own terms. He is the kind of cat that you can chase and chase around the house unsuccessfully, but then as soon as you stop chasing him, he will magically appear and sit down right next to you, as if to say, "So what did you want?" BooBoo is very lively, playful, and active. He loves to be in the middle of whatever is going on and play an active role! He usually sleeps at the bottom of the bed and greets you when you wake up in the morning. He likes to be stroked when he is already lying down and comfortable, but not so much when he is up and active. He would love to go outside, but I fear he would disappear once out there; that is probably true of both Chloe and BooBoo. I think they both remember having been outside, but they are really too small and light-colored (easily seen by predators) to be barn cats and do not have feral cat skills. Please contact PAWS at (970) 209-3656 to meet Chloe and BooBoo!

Please contact PAWS at (970) 209-3656 to meet Chloe and BooBoo!


Young Kitties!

There are 8 young kitties up for adoption and are currently in foster care in Gunnison. Please call PAWS at (970) 209-3656 if you are interested in meeting them!



Bo is 6 years old and was surrendered to AVHS by no fault of his own. He is a handsome guy looking for a home where he can take naps in the sun or spend time curled up to his people. He is friendly with everyone he meets and has lived with dogs! He is the total package so what are you waiting for? Visit Buena Vista's Ark-Valley website at to organize a meeting with Bo!



Jingles is waiting for her perfect human to come and adopt her. This stunning 1-year-old hound requires a cat-free home that does not have and will not have any young children. It is unknown how she does with other dogs. Jingles also requires a home with a fenced yard and a human willing to provide her with plenty of training. This young bundle of energy is a real sweetheart, she just needs someone to be patient and work with her. Someone familiar with hounds would be perfect but she most definitely needs a human with experience with dogs.

To meet Jingles, visit her during adoption hours or call GVAWL at (970) 641-1173 to schedule a meet and greet.



Tina is a sweet small husky mix. She does get nervous without other dogs around but is confident and loving when she has a dog friend. We are highly recommending another dog in the household for this little one.If interested in Maggie, please contact Oh Be Dogful at (970) 349-5047.