Maxine, a small, mature, female siamese cat, is looking for a loving home. Maxine is a delightful, cuddly house cat who enjoys spending most of her time indoors with occasional outdoor adventures. She has had several homes in her approximately 14 years of life. She enjoys snuggling and playing with cat toys; and loves people. Maxine appreciates being the center of attention and prefers an environment without other cats and dogs.  She was a good mouser in her youth and still manages to catch a few even without her front claws, which were removed by a previous owner. Her current owners have many relatives who are highly allergic to cats. They are a recently retired couple looking to travel, which includes a move south for the winter. It is now apparent that Maxine needs a new, friendly home with someone who has a steady routine. She has had a couple bladder infections which were easily cleared up with antibiotics. Maxine comes with a multitude of cat supplies, including: cat bubbler, food dispenser, kitty litter box, two cat beds, covered litter box, leftover cat food and kitty litter.

 Call Steve at 970-209-0071 or PAWS at 970-209-3656

Please call Steve at (970) 209-0071 or PAWS at (970) 209-3656 for more information about the beautiful Maxine!


Didiane, Ernie, and Teddy Freddy

4 wonderful kitties are now looking for new homes after their owner passed away suddenly. They are used to living with each other but haven't been around other cats, dogs, or children. They do not need to be adopted together, but it would be awesome if they were! Didiane is 13 year old black and white domestic longhair (female), Ernie is a 13 year old grey and black tabby domestic longhair (male), and Teddy Freddy is a 4 year old black domestic shorthair (male), and another kitty that we don't have the info on yet.

Please call PAWS at (970) 209-3656 for more information about these sweet kitties!



Nandi is a sweet 2 year old kitty that is looking for a new home after being too stressed out at her first home with 2 dogs. She is looking for an owner that has time to play with her and give her lots of exercise. She loves playing with toys on sticks. She needs a home with no other pets to keep her stress low and no small children.

Please call PAWS at (970) 209-3656 for more information about Nandi!